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Kitchen Garden
is visited by approximately
2,000 visitors each year.
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Westerville Garden Club
Kitchen Garden behind the historical Benjamin Hanby House at 160 W. Main St., Westerville is
a garden representative of the needs during the period 1850-1900.  The garden is divided into block areas:  
Culinary Herbs, Fragrance & Dye Plants, Medicinal Plants, Vegetables, and Perimeter
Plantings along the fence.  Our garden club implemented the Kitchen Garden in 2005 and continues
to maintain it.
Presidential Oak Grove is located in Hanby Park at 115 E. Park St., Westerville.  In 2007 our garden club
planted nine native oak trees, eight to honor the eight presidents from Ohio and one for the next future
president from Ohio. Each tree is fronted by a plaque with a biographical sketch of its respective president.  
The plaque also indicates the years he was president, his presidential number plus the type of oak tree
First Responders Park located at 374 W. Main St., Westerville was created to honor fallen firefighters and
recognizes the tragedy of 9/ll. Our garden club plants and maintains annual flower beds.
WesterFlora Garden Tour has been organized by our garden club since 1992.  It is an annual free tour
in July featuring gardens and landscapes of Westerville residents. Westerville Parks and Recreation
Department and Hoover Gardens help sponsor this tour.
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Blue Star Memorial Marker located in Hanby Park at 115 E. Park St., Westerville along the Ohio to Erie
Trail that connects Cincinnati to Cleveland.  On September 9, 2017 our garden club dedicated this marker in
honor of our nation's Armed Forces - past, present and future.  We must not forget our Armed Forces, and we
do not!  We remember.
Blue Star Memorial Marker
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Butterfly Gardens at Polaris are located along the walking trail along Polaris Parkway, just east of Africa
Road, and are very visible from Polaris Parkway.  These two gardens are planted with native plants that attract
butterflies.  All the plants are labeled.  There are also two muddling pools for the butterflies.  This project
began in 2019 by the Westerville Garden Club and Westerville Parks & Recreation Dept.  Our garden club
continues to be maintain the gardens, which are officially a Monarch Waystation.
Hoff Woods Park Demonstration Garden located at 556 McCorkle Blvd., Westerville,  is a new 2020
project planting native flowers along a swale, which will attract butterflies.