Garden Club of Ohio Awards
These awards were received in June 2019 for our 2018 garden club year.
First Place
Civic Improvement Award (First Responders Park)
Community Enrichment Project or Program Award (Party at the Creek)
Trees-Seedlings (Arborfest)
Historic Programs, Tours or Trails (Kitchen Garden)
Garden Therapy Service Award
Landscape Design Contest
Publicity Press Books (Publicity)
Club Website (
Second Place
National Garden Week
Historic Preservation Award
(Hanby House Kitchen Garden)
Decoration of a Historic Building Award (Kitchen Garden/Hanby House)
Publication-Club Cookbook
Publication-Membership Brochure
Club Newsletter
Third Place
Horticulture or Environmental Education Award
Central Atlantic Region of State Garden Clubs, Inc.
Civic Development and improvement Award
"Community Educational Outreach Project"
Second Place: Jean Ladson Outstanding Achievement Award
(Maintenance of the Kitchen Garden at the Benjamin Hanby House)
National Garden Club Awards
Overall Winner
Landscape Design (WesterFlora)
First Place
National Garden Week

GCO Photography Award Winners
Westerville Garden Club members who won a total of 18 photography awards:  Linda Laine, Barb
Shepard,  Debbie Osborn,   Tom Herr,  David Smith, Diane Tellez, Vickie Muse and Hope Rogers.
Garden Club of Ohio, Inc.
supports endeavors in every
aspect of gardening through
educational programs,
horticulture and floriculture.
National Garden Club, Inc.
provides education, resources,
and national networking
opportunities for its members to
promote the love of gardening,
floral design, and civic and
environmental responsibility.
Westerville Garden Club
Westerville Garden

Garden Club of Ohio's
First Place
Extra Large Garden Club